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Handmade Rugs: What’s the difference?

The Andino Design collection includes a unique selection of handmade rugs that are not only representative of contemporary Andean design, but are also made using ancient woven techniques, locally sources natural fibres and natural manual dying processes, all created by the skilled hands of our artisans.

Why a Handmade Rug?

As with any product, a fine quality handmade rug will always be a more significant investment than machine-made rugs. Despite this, handmade rugs are a popular choice for flooring if you are looking for a more luxurious look, unique design and durability. They offer numerous benefits over mass-production rugs, including:


Handmade rugs are made with natural fibres like wool, cotton, and jute, which are not only more durable than synthetic materials but also softer and more comfortable underfoot. If you look after your handmade rug properly, it can last for decades.

High Quality

A hand-woven rug takes weeks or even months to be woven. In the process, the artisan works carefully with the loom in every single weaving detail, stitches and sewing. The time and dedicated craftsmanship into the weaving of each rug is what makes them more expensive; however, the attention to detail and use of quality materials are the reasons it will have a longer lifespan compared to machine made rugs.

Unique Designs

Handmade rugs often feature intricate patterns and designs that give them a unique aesthetic appeal. Each Andino rug is handwoven on a loom or hand-knotted. These are inherited techniques and traditions passed on across generations in ancient Andean cultures. Due to their artisanal-making process, they are one-of-a-kind collectibles. Our artisans are inspired by the landscape around them and traditions, creating patterns and symbols that have deep meaning which are representative of many Andean cultures.


The choice of a handmade rug has a positive environmental and social impact. The use of natural fibres and dyes made of plants allows a handmade rug to be compostable and avoid the release of toxic residues on the environment; plus their higher durability means they don‘t need to be replaced so often, reducing landfill waste. Further, hand made weaving means there is no need man-powered weaving process, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint since no machinery and artificial energy are required in the process.

At Andino Design, we are dedicated to the social benefit of our Andean community partnerships. Choosing a handmade rug contributes to maintaining artisanal traditions passed through generations of master craftsman, giving back to often underserved communities by providing them with a sustainable economic activity that services local communities, local people and the planet.

Our Unique Collection of Handmade Rugs

At Andino Design, we offer a wide selection of handmade rugs that are sure to meet your needs and taste. Our rugs are made by skilled artisans using only the highest quality materials, including organic wools and cottons, guaranteeing durable and well-made products. Additionally, our curated collection is made of hand-picked rugs, ensuring that it is of the utmost quality, including only beautiful and unique pieces that will last for the lifetime of your style choice.

Planning on redecorating your house? There are many things to consider such as colours, lighting, furniture, and style. The list will go on and on. Whether you are working with an interior designer and creating your own masterpiece, a new rug will truly create a unique sense of warmth and style in any space. A unique handcrafted rug can prove to be functional and create timeless style for your newly decorated home.

Not the right size? Not a problem! Our rugs are made-to-order, therefore we can adapt any design to the right measurements needed for your space. Send us a message at and let us know what your requirements are.

If you are looking for a handmade rug that is both stylish and durable, visit our Andino Design collection. Our wide selection of pieces means that you are sure to find a unique rug for your home, and our team of experts is always available to help you with your purchase. Contact us today to learn more about