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Andino Design: Our Story

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Exploring South American design made in the highest peaks of The Andes.

Our Story

Andino Design founders
Andino Design Founders: Nicolás and Shaun

Many of us feel connected to numerous places across the world. This may be driven by distant memories, home countries where our friends and relatives reside, past travel destinations or future adventures where we dream about exploring foreign lands and connecting with unique people, cultures and traditions along the way.

For us, Andino Design was born from a desire to connect our two home countries (Australia and Chile), bordering the eastern and westernmost points of the South Pacific Ocean. What started as a personal passion for unique hand-crafted objects, has become a platform for fine artisanal designer homeware from across South America.

Our Inspiration

Andino means “from The Andes”, a majestic mountain range running through South America. The Andes touches the tip Amazonian Venezuela, the coffee fields of Colombia, volcanoes of Ecuador, ancient hills of Peru, colourful towns of Bolivia, Antarctic tip of Chile and Patagonian fields of Argentina. As one of the eight natural wonders of the world The Andes is, quite simply, breath taking.

Formed millions of years ago through violent tectonic movement, The Andes mountain range has now been home to ancient cultures across South America for centuries.

The Andes Mountains and the people that live around them are our inspiration. Their stories, cultures, inherited traditions and craftsmanship.

Majestic Andes Mountains in Chile
The Andes Mountains are our inspiration