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Colbo: Iconic Design Born in Mendoza

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

COLBO, is devoted to producing its iconic modern-style tableware, made of Argentinian red clay collected from The Andes mountain range near Mendoza.

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August brings a new collection to our range – from the mountains of Mendoza, Argentina to the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia we are proud to present Colbo.

Colbo red clay ceramic plates
Colbo Collection

Collette Boccara

Founded in Mendoza (1953) by celebrated architect, artist, and industrial ceramist, Collette Boccara, Colbo exemplifies exceptional hand-crafted design made from the depths of the Andes mountains.

Colette founded Colbo (an abbreviation of her name), devoted to high-quality modern-style tableware, using local materials and award-winning techniques. Colbo’s innovative design is a hallmark of the range which has become an icon of Argentine design, being awarded numerous accolades including the Red Label of Good Design by the Centro de Investigación en Diseño Industrial (CIDI) in 1967.

Family Business Preserving History

Colbo is truly a family business and encompasses a rich history of talented family members who have shaped this celebrated brand, including Colette’s husband (architect César Janello) and the couple's son (Matías Jannello).

Awarded Design

Today, Colbo is led by Collette’s son Matías and continues to produce the same iconic hand-crafted ceramics designed by Collete in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Colbo is recognised both for its design innovation, craftsmanship and as an exemplar of Ibero-American design with awards including the Argentine Seal of Good Design (2011) and Grand Prize in the category of Design and Enterprise at the Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño (BID) Spain (2012).

If you want to know more about COLBO and the collection available in Australia, message or visit Andino Design

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