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Puna - Ancestral Heritage

Puna is a Peruvian company established in Lima, that sources unique and tasteful examples of the country's rich craft traditions. Puna´s aim is to uphold fair trade standards and ensure environmental sustainability, while maintaining the cultural heritage of each piece of work.

Their first space was launched in 2010 in Cuzco by Mariana Otero (interior designer) and Yerko Zlatar (artist and designer). From these beginnings, the studio has explored a multidisciplinary approach by collaborating with artisans, designers and artists, forming a creative community which harnesses traditional techniques to make contemporary and unique artefacts.

Mariana and Yerko decided to create Puna to offer iconic Peruvian products with a contemporary twist, refusing the pathway to become a traditional souvenir store. They aimed to bring the full experience of design and create a cultural movement. People started gathering in their store, listening to music and getting to know each other. This allowed them to meet more and more artists, who were eager to showcase their creations at Puna.

Puna products include furniture, textiles, clothing, accessories and utensils. They prioritise handmade or traditional manufacturing techniques, which combine both traditional craftsmanship and design flair. This results in the creation of unique contemporary pieces.

After moving to Lima in 2013 and launching their interior design studio, Mariana and Yerko have launched collections including ceramics, rugs and furniture. Their work continues to gain momentum and expand internationally, as they stay true to their low scale and hand-made philosophy.

Photos: Puna Store - Puna Estudio

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