Casa Sur & Co. Patagonian Homestyle

Updated: Jun 18

Casa Sur is a company born in the Chilean Patagonia. They offer products for home decoration created in collaboration with artisans from the Chilean Patagonia, made of delicately selected natural fibres and 100% hand work. Since 2014 they have been forming and developing techniques and creativity to achieve top quality noble and natural products to match your home spaces.

As they state in their website: "Our artisan’s collaborative work inspires us and leads us to a constant search for beauty and its derivatives. Casa Sur & Co. sets a real connection with our land and our ancestors. And it is an invitation to the development and co-creation of noble and natural spaces"

Their range of products includes rugs, lighting, blankets and cushions, bags and accessories and deco objects. Each part of the manufacturing process is carefully supervised by Casa Sur & Co. and embraced to preserve and develop techniques that have been passed from generation to generation.

The dyeing process of fibres is made by hand and includes the use of fire, a large saucepan with various types of colourants and a stirring tool. The fibre is rolled up or cut off and then left ready for the loom weaving process. For rugs and other products they use traditional loom styles with a modern, contemporary touch. Usually two or more craftswomen work on every hand loom.

To know more about Casa Sur & Co visit their website


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